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How To Structure & Sell
Your Online Health Program

Learn how to use Results-Driven Online Group Programs to grow your practice in a sustainable & profitable way!

November 15 -18 , 2021 @ 11:00 AM EST

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You Probably Started Your Business for 2 Reasons:

1) You want to do work you love in your own way

2) You want to make more money than you can in a traditional role

What you’re beginning to discover is that running a one-to-one health practice is ineffective and it’s just plain wrong that you have to work crazy hours to make a decent living.

This past year has been a doozy, and you're exhausted. Your client load is at capacity, you can't raise your prices any more and you're feeling burnt out doing "all the things".

It's time to make a solid plan for you to scale your practice without adding more hours to your schedule. You can reach more people, get them real results all while having more flexibility to spend time with your family.

University and internship did not teach health professionals and clinicians how to grow a sustainable and profitable business. This new online landscape of digital health and online education can leave you feeling overwhelmed!

That's exactly why this free training workshop has been developed, exclusively for health professionals, health educators and clinicians. In the last year this workshop has helped over 4,000 professionals learn how to grow their practice, reach more clients and make more money with online group programs.

You'll learn from our CEO & founder who has been teaching online in the health industry since 2013!

Join Us November 15 to 18, 2021 @ 11:00 - 11:20 am EST (each day)

Introducing the:

How To Structure & Sell Your Online Health Program

You'll work live with our team over several days to build a plan for taking your expertise online into a group program. You'll learn how to attract ideal clients who want to buy your program, the technology & techniques to get clients results online, and position your company in today's health landscape to scale beyond your brick & mortar.

Our 4-Part System Taught Over 4 days


Outline your program modules, plan the content and ensure you have information that solves a real problem


Develop a plan, using simple tech solutions, to offer a customized & supportive program for your clients


Stop selling to everyone. Get in front of the right people, looking for help, who want to buy your program


Learn how to sell in an authentic way by giving potential clients a sample of your work, in an event

Live Feedback, Support and Q&A's

Connect with our team before, during and after this live event. We will get to know your business, your goals and provide you with custom feedback to bring your online program to life.

Meet Stephanie - CEO, Founder and retired Registered Dietitian. In 2013, she pivoted her brick and mortar practice to build one of the first online group programs in digestive health in North America.

Now Stephanie helps other health professionals build profitable online programs so they can better serve their clients and families without burnout. You're in trusted hands of a colleague who's done this!

You too CAN use the online space to reach more people, expand your business and have a consistent flow of people you can help, while enjoying a sense of fulfillment in the work that you love.

Are you ready to step into becoming the Life Changer you are meant to be?

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